Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Born Every Minute-- My Commentary

WHY does this show START with a SIREN? Birth is not an emergency situation.

Which is immediately followed by LOTS OF SCREAMING. Birth doesn't have to be super painful.

ALL the patients there are happy with all these cameras? Do they all WANT their births on tv?
I bet they have to sign a waiver before being admitted. What the heck. Birth is NOT a spectator sport.

First Scene: you hear " and hold.... push push push push push"
Pro: baby is handed to mom
Con: not skin to skin

Second Baby: Acting like Pit is routine. She's already 3-4cm dilated.
"the trend today is a 90% epi rate, *smile*"
Stuck in bed.

Gossiping about patients. awesome.

Third baby: Induced. Pit then water break is the plan.
"is your dr planning on you having this baby vaginally?" no.
"are you planning on an epidural?" no, it slowed me down last time
"if you time in right, it won't"
"not quite 2 fingers, let's break your water and start pit"

I seriously have to stop... There's too much to write!!

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