Tuesday, March 16, 2010

welcome to Oswego Hospital

I went to visit a friend and her son last night at Oswego Hospital....

Every. Single. Time. I walk in those doors, I feel a flood of emotions.

This is where I gave birth to my first child.

Borderline gestational diabetic.

39weeks. Cytotec. External monitors. Pitocin. Demerol. Epideral. Internal monitors.

Pushed over 2 hrs. No baby.

Hand gently placed on my leg, with a worried/sappy look: "Don't worry, we'll get this baby out"

"Don't worry.... don't worry... don't worry" It was echoed as if shouted from a mountaintop.

I didn't want my baby OUT. I wanted my baby ALIVE.

Rushed to the operating room.... I felt relieved, I was listening to the Drs like a good patient.

Now I feel sad. I feel like I let my baby down.

This is what keeps me going...... That little man.

I vow to help every woman who delivers at Oswego Hosp to have the births they want.

Things happen. Plans have to change.

But, I can be a support that won't.

And, each woman that I help can be assured she did a great job.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Doula Certification Packet and DONA information came today! :) Woohoo

Monday, March 8, 2010


After 2 long days, I am now a DONA trained doula! Woohoo!
Training was exactly what I expected. I'm so excited to become a doula and hope I can live up to the expectations I have for myself.

I met some great girls there. We were all so different, but the common bond of womanhood/childbirth brought us all together. It was great.
^ This is where we were trained. :)

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. When we were introducing ourselves we had to take a slip of paper that was face down, and read it to the group. This is what mine said:

"May your flight be empowering and affirming.
When you start to hear yourself say
'I cannot do this any longer'
Know that the time of birth is very near
And know that your baby will soon be in your arms.

Know that the strength
Of eons of foremothers
Flow through your veins
And you CAN do it."


Thursday, March 4, 2010

...the journey begins

On 2.24.2009 my life forever changed.

I gave birth to my second son.
iHAD my successful VBAC
No intervention.

B I R T H.

my body wasn't broken.
the system was broken.

I need to help women.
Empower them.
Strengthen them.
Help them.
Heal them.

At 8:58a that day,
my life forever changed.
My calling was
to become a Doula.

Almost a year to the day,
on 3.4.2010,
I joined DONA &
signed up for a workshop.

h e r e .
the journey begins.